Welcome to the west compadre,

Before we get too far into things let’s get a few things straight. First off we need to make sure you who you say you are. Up top on that area for Characters. Yea that’s right that one, you will have to create yourself a character complete with his or her history. Now partner let’s not overdo things here, just keep it simple.

Now partner as we progress we’ll have a bit o history here so if you forget something it will be here so you can look it up at your leisure up there in the Adventure Log section, ye git that, ok. Well all right then, so now just because we are running our story on Thursdays don’t mean everything happens on just Thursdays. You see that area up there up there called “Forum”. Yep that one, in there you will find a weekly text based adventure we will be playing as well, now timeing’s a bit off there, so the adventures can be a bit o back-story of things either done in the past, or current. Ifen you do well there the Marshall might be a bit more generous with them there fate chips perhaps even starting you all out with one more then usual.

Deadlands Into the West